Finding a Real atlanta liposuction Provider

SmartLipo is a brand that if you are considering having a little fat removed from stubborn places, you recognize.

If you live in Atlanta or any surrounding areas, you may get a little confused if you get to the point where you want to get the advanced SmartLipo procedure and decide to seek out a provider who has the technology. There are many reasons for that and that is the task that I have taken on, to shed light on the reality of Atlanta liposuction.

Cynosure is the official maker of the SmartLipo technology here in the United States but strangely enough don’t actually own the registered trademark for the SmartLipo name. That goes back to a company in Italy who developed the technology and works directly with Cynosure, who are based in Seattle, WA.

However, Cynosure has exclusive right granted by the Italian company to use the trademark name for their technology in the United States.

Here in Atlanta, Georgia we have several companies offering “SmartLipo” and not all of them are actually offering the Cynosure SmartLipo technology. Some companies are offering “off brand laser liposuction” and calling it Smart Lipo (carefully separating the two words as if you could name your new software company “Micro Soft” and Bill Gates wouldn’t have anything to say about it. Or they simply advertise that they have SmartLipo and then, apparently when you arrive for your consultation, they just stop talking about SmartLipo and start talking about their own systems they actually do have. If you pay attention and do your homework, it is easy to see who these companies are by the careful wording of their advertising copy.

As a service to the community of Atlanta, we will be calling and visiting cosmetic surgery centers to investigate this issue and will report our findings here!

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ULTHERAPY ATLANTA – Skin Lift & Tightening

I want to talk to you guys today about some of the non-invasive things that we can do here in Atlanta to really change how you look and how you feel about yourself. We here at Ultherapy Atlanta really place an emphasis on non-invasive techniques. So, non-surgical techniques that can help reverse aging but in ways that don’t cause downtime and in a fashion that looks really natural. That’s so important to us. So today, I’d like to talk to you guys about a few of those things that really stand out. Now, I’m skeptic at heart, cause I was trained as a scientist, so I usually approach any new technique with skepticism. This is one I’ve been following for quite a few years now and it’s called Ultherapy.


Now, I first saw Ultherapy about 8 years ago. It uses ultrasound which is sound waves to actually target the areas: chin, neck, eyebrows, your entire face, basically all of the areas that get looser. The parts that gravity tends to pull down and your face looks longer and you get the jowls. What’s beautiful about this technique is we can actually work on the areas that normally someone would work on when they’re doing a face lift, except that we don’t actually do any cutting, there’s no blood. By using this ultrasound energy, we actually put this on your skin and then I can visualize what’s happening inside of your skin before I even treat which is fantastic, especially because most things in medicine are left up to guessing. This is not guess work. This one, we pry it to your skin, I look and I see. Based on that, I can actually treat and I can deliver this ultrasound energy to the deep layers of collagen and elastin in the areas that stretch as you get older and the same areas that you use when you’re trying to get a face lift. For more information about Ultherapy Atlanta, visit

Coolsculpting in Atlanta

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Hey guys, Mary Jones here. Before I go into my own personal story about my experience with Coolsculpting, I’d like to share a few reviews that were sent into me. So without further ado…

Running, cycling, yoga, you name it, I do it. Being an avid athlete, I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes over the years. But I was still unhappy with my thighs. It got to where I wouldn’t wear shorts, unless I was incognito or on vacation. So when my magazine editor asked me to try the Coolsculpting procedure in Atlanta for a story, I was skeptical but I did it and it’s been a huge boost in confidence for me! Recently, I was at a party with some super skinny friends with great legs and you know what? I wore shorts, and it felt great. Totally confident!



My 5 year old was keeping me busy and I thought I was doing pretty well. But diet and exercise can only get you so far. One day I found some of my pre-baby clothes in the closet and NOTHING fit. That’s when I knew it was time to take the next step and try the Coolsculpting procedure in Atlanta. It was an easy procedure with absolutely no downtime. So yeah, I’m very happy with the way I look and a lot more confident now.



When I opted to get the Coolsculpting procedure done, I didn’t have any idea how much it would change my life. It gave me new confidence, self esteem, I got braces, I went back to school, it was like an awakening…a new me. And with my daughter’s wedding next summer, I am so motivated. The Coolsculpting procedure was painless and the results last! I don’t have to suck in my stomach anymore and I couldn’t be happier!



If you guys have also tried Coolsculpting in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please feel free to send in your review! I’ll be happy to share it with others! For those that are still trying to decide, here’s the best site with up-to-date information on the Coolsculpting Atlanta procedure –


Authentic handmade jewelry

A person’s gold chain can say a lot about them, or so I have always believed. There are so many different kinds of gold chains, and it is always so interesting to me to see what each person might choose for themselves. gold chains are so much more than just timepieces for your wrist, they represent a person’s class and style. They are timeless pieces of an overall individual style, and they have evolved over the years to become a vital aspect in fashion and in convenience.

handmade gold chains for menI am not proud to say that I have made it this far in life without choosing a really nice gold chain for myself. I certainly own a few gold chain, but they were all either a gift or were chosen in a time of haste at some junky department store. I am constantly changing the batteries in my gold chains and fixing them when little screws fall out or scratches happen. Now that I am in a professional atmosphere I would like to have an elegant, adult gold chain that showcases my personal style and that will also last. But for such an item, I do not want to spend my entire paycheck. There must be a medium ground for something like this, or so I hope.

Now that I have been at my current job for over a year, I decided it was time to buy a really nice mens gold chains for myself both to commemorate my first year at the office and to initiate my ascent into the professional world. To find exactly what I needed I went to a local jewelry store that specializes in handmade jewelry. This way I would be sure to get something specific to my style and also unique so that I wouldn’t be seeing the same gold chain on someone else’s wrist at work. Sterling Jewelry Store makes beautiful and contemporary gold chains for all occasions and to match any wardrobe. They specialize in bangle gold chains and leather strap gold chain that are accented with gemstones of pink opal, agate, red bamboo, sterling Marcasite, turquoise, hematite, onyx, rhodochrosite and larimar. I did not know exactly what I wanted at first, so the staff at Sterling were very patient in showing me all of their options. They discussed with me the pros and cons of different clasp and latch styles as well as which gemstones might match my look and most of my wardrobe. I tried on a few from the display case to see what sizes and shapes looked best with my wrist, and I also had the option of discussing a custom look with the jeweler if I so desired.

In the end, I really had to decide what I wanted my chosen gold chain to say about myself and my style. I was glad that I went to Sterling because they provided me with the perfect item, a beautiful blue ribbon round gold chain with stones around the frame. It was just elegant enough to be a piece of jewelry and casual enough that I could wear it with anything. Take my advice, get yourself a nice gold chain!